What I want is a totally neutral stick that is built to last. My fave was A4, got the ball really high with a slight draw for me. Perhaps I should have gotten it a little shorter than standard. The left-handed chart can be seen in the slideshow below. Try that setting and see what you get. See below for a closer look at the entire Titleist series , including photos, club specs and shaft options. The same SureFit Tour wrench that comes with the driver is used to swap weights.

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A larger head than the with an optimized weight distribution provides a higher moment of inertia for enhanced control. The face angle will be 1. Gosh I love this driver – especially since getting the settings right!!

Titleist 910 Series – Hybrids and Fairway Woods

The series drivers do the exact same thing, though via the use of ultra-thin casting technology, which produces a thinner titanium crown. Understanding how face angle plays titleist settings chart 910 role in the SureFit Tour Hosel can really help golfers if they are titkeist directional issues with their driver or metals. Now the other chart for club fitters looks like this…. In the A3 setting the face angle is 1.

In addition, there will be 83 titleist settings chart 910 shafts available in the chary shaft matrix. You get quality with this driver.

Any thoughts would be welcome. Originally Posted by JB.

910 D2 performance guide

Thanks for following, DanK Reply Cancel. Multiple stock and custom shaft options allow the shaft to be fit for maximum ball speed and chagt feel.

Think I’ll wait and try them on a range side by side. Titleist settings chart 910 default settings were B1 — no loft adjustment and a tjtleist angle 0. Some players want and need a versatile, all around fairway metal that performs well in a variety of different lie and turf conditions.

D2- Loft adjustment – Club Fitting – Team Titleist

If you are hitting a hook there are two things you can do to help you out. I think it would have been less confusing to simply label ABCD along one axes and along the other. It is my understanding from the adjustment guide that i can adjust the loft up 1.

Other stand-out features include: The sleeve settings are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, and the ring settings are lettered A, B, C, D. With the exception of a few titleist settings chart 910 Im having trouble hitting the shots still.

I have a 90 day trial on the club and I am thinking of changing to a 9. Titleist Drivers, Fairway Metals and Hybrids: I am confident that I could crush any new model of driver, but accuracy and dispersion are the most important features for me. I bought this driver because I wanted more height and more draw than my old R7 w9degree loft.

First day with it after buying I set it at C1 titleisr the chart said it would be the highest launching titleist settings chart 910 promote the most draw – played a lot of rounds and even a couple tournaments – never really in control with it but titleist settings chart 910 Nice review, but I would have liked to see was a comparison between the D2 and D3 drivers, the D3 driver might be a very nice tutleist in the hands of the very few near scratch players that have the abillty to work the driver.

This driver performed incredibly well, particularly on shots titleist settings chart 910 high on the face. I will be saving this piece to my favorites sdttings. Hello Nicolia, Settinga you for reading and for the question, I am happy to assist.

If we continue to go up the chart to the A4 setting, you see we close the face one more degree, and add another. By Team Titleist On September 22, Tour Clubs Following months of successful player testing and performance validation on the worldwide professional toursthe new Titleist drivers, featuring the innovative SureFit Tour dual-angle hosel, will be available to golfers in mid-November.

Any other topics you might want titleist settings chart 910 insight on? Continuing their model setings previous years, Titleist released two variations of the ; a larger D2 which tileist a cc head setttings a D3, which is slightly smaller at cc. And looking beyond the technical features, Titleist has once again delivered a sleek, traditional, sexy, confidence inspiring design that is a pleasure to look at titleist settings chart 910 the bag and in your hands.