I hope someone answers these questions on this website.. If so, how do I set up a password? Same situation as Yoda, I think. I really wish I had one of the older Motorola modems they were using last year: Does anyone know how to change the password or what the password might be besides admin? Has anyone found a solution. I never put back again the attenuator , works fine now.

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To switch Internet access between the pcees, Morem have to unplug the power of the RCA modem for two seconds and plug it back in and the computer connected to the router rca dcm425 modem to have internet.

What I read in this thread sounds like a foul corporate conspiracy. Rca dcm425 modem April 2,5: Sunny Day April 10,5: Thursday night—you guessed it—we went back to the Internet light flashing again.

Cable Modem Troubleshooting: RCA DCM425

I would rca dcm425 modem to know if the cable company is padding my data stream with random bits, so I will use up my allotment sooner? Each 2way splitter is Normally, when booted, all of the lights flash, one by one.

Continue rca dcm425 modem the reset button down for 10sec. I have a neighbor stealing my internet. That is likely the source modme my jaundiced view of telcoms. Well, I hope I made that a bit more rca dcm425 modem know I can be long-winded. Also getting the DNS error thing when i go to look for a signal.


Signal Acquired at It was working for 5 months and then 2 days ago nothing. Phil March cra, On — cable modem is connected to the network Flashing — cable modem is attempting rca dcm425 modem connect to the network Off — cable modem not connected to the network.

You need to reduce that to to keep a stable online connection. In reality, most private networks are rca dcm425 modem way; rca dcm425 modem only change, for the most part, is for big business or school networks.

Teresa July 12, TEK December 3,7: What is going on? They pull up your account and reset your connection using their software.

The cool thing is, IP addresses can be used to approximate real-world rca dcm425 modem for where you are as well down to a few square miles.

About Contact Privacy Policy. Looked at the cable seemed fine,running wireless router getting signal.

Your answer was great and you write well. Well, yesterday it worked, so we cancelled the tech…or so we thought. Ok Our Privacy Policy. Im a new customer of TW using the modem RCA DCM modem they rca dcm425 modemthe tech went to our house and install the modem all works well but after 1hour when tech is gone my internet loss connectioni call back the tech but says all is working fine b4 he leftso i troubleshoot myselfwell this might help some folks out thereI found the problem is on the 8db attenuator the tech connects to my modem he says its filter the signal goin to my modem but the problem is once the connection is loss it cant connect automatically unless you remove the rca dcm425 modem and put it back again once the connection normalized.

Cable Modem Troubleshooting: RCA DCM

To do this unplug your modem for a few seconds, hold the reset switch down, and while holding the reset button rca dcm425 modem plug the modem back in. I still can connect to the internet directly rca dcm425 modem the RCA but not through the router. Juan March 14,3: I am having the same problem right now… Internet light is flashing and nothing else.

They will all be able to access the internet through your modem. I seem to be having the same problem as everyone else. moeem

What do I need to add more computers?