The window can be moved anywhere over the preview image, so you can see the effects of any changes made. The main screen is divided into sections. Saved job files show up in the far left column of the Correction tab, with a scroll bar so that you can zip through various settings and determine the one you would like to apply. We applaud Minolta’s inclusion of this program with the Dimage Scan Dual though: Despite my wish-list for the control, it’s a very useful one as it stands, although it will take many users a bit of fiddling to become familiar with its operation. Preferences Menu Clicking on the Preferences button in the preview window brings up the Preferences window, which lets you set a variety of scanning parameters. The back pressure plate then hinges back down and latches, clamping the film flat.

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I really disagree with this part of Minolta’s implementation. Wireless Power Is Coming.

Technical Details

By default, you can adjust any of the slider controls independently of any other. The only problem came in trying to remove minilta slides, as it was a little difficult to slide them out without accidentally touching the image frame. As it is, short of repeated trial and error, there’s no good way to tell the effect of minolta dimage scan dual you’re making on the final picture.

Inserted into the scanner, you can access half of the total film frames by sliding the adapter in or out. Despite this looseness, we had no difficulty aligning slides square to minolta dimage scan dual holder, as the edges of dial “windows” in the holder provided good reference surfaces to align to, and simply “bottoming out” the slide in the slot yielded good alignment if the film was properly positioned in the slide mount.

Here, the current contents of your cropping frame are displayed dimagr the center of a matrix of images, with those around the edges of it ddimage the effects of more or less contrast or brightness. Any values darker than that will also be treated as zero, and values brighter than it will be proportionately stretched downward so that the brightness values will extend smoothly down to zero. At the end of this row of buttons is diage frame indicator as well as minolta dimage scan dual RGB numerical display, which reports the color value numbers of specific points in the image as minola scroll the mouse over the preview.

These are used to set the brightness values minolta dimage scan dual scanner will consider to be the minimum blackmaximum whiteand a middle value grayfor each of the color channels. I bought this scanner in January from Amazon. The Minolta dimage scan dual Correction Tab has the image contrast and color tools. I’ve tried both color slides and negative film, both look excellent. Once we knew that, everything worked. This fact alone is a significant differentiator for the Minolta’s product.

Minolta DiMAGE Scanners

Please try your search again later. Don’t see what you’re looking for? The USAF resolution target gave as usual more conservative resolution figures, with minolta dimage scan dual scanner resolving cleanly down minotla They never made the scanner available and UPS could not not proceed with the claim.

The reason for this is that an unusually low level of “aliasing” had us convinced minolta dimage scan dual could easily see discernible detail in the WG target all the way out to lines per picture height in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

Unlike many “clamshell” designs, the slot holding the film is a fixed structure. Close the door on the Dimage scanner. Cancel anytime, full refund in the first 30 days If scab purchase this service plan and eligible product for this service plan, you acknowledge that Amazon may send minolta dimage scan dual service plan seller relevant product and price information for the purpose of administering the plan.

You simply lift up the top pressure plate, position the minolta dimage scan dual in the bottom tray lining up frames with their indicated slotsand replace the minolta dimage scan dual plate.

The scanner also performed acceptably on speed. Look at the sample images, download them, print them out on your own printer, and decide for yourself how well the Dimage Scan Dual would meet your requirements! Flesh tones, for example.

Konica Minolta Photo Imaging Europe GmbH: DiMAGE Scan Dual III

Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on Amazon. You will get an “error 42” message. Comes with everything seen in the pictures, nothing else.

Minolta dimage scan dual focus can be quite time-consuming to determine on a film scanner, particularly if you have to perform a full scan in between adjustments to evaluate the results of your tweaking. They’ve put together a comprehensive “on-line demo” of how the software works.

Pixel Polish restores film images that have faded over time as well as those that suffer jinolta light-distortion under-exposure, backlighting, and so on. Technical Specification User Manual [pdf ].