The battery will last longer if the laptop is only used for web browsing. Join Date Jul Posts So far so good, I suppose! Inspiron B closed view view large image The exterior design, although not beautiful, could definitely be much worse. Left side view of Inspiron B view large image. I would like to know if this Laptop comes with wireless, because I saw the icon in control panel but when I try to activate it says to insert USB to copy network settings and transfer to another PC when all I want is to connect to the internet wirelessly.

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Dell inspiron b120 wireless

In my tests I have found inspiron b120 wireless it is still very usable outdoors in broad day light, though I had to turn the brightness to maximum to achieve this. There was inspirom OS installation CD included, instead there is a 3 GB hidden partition on the hard drive that holds the restoration files. The B has a VGA out that can be used to clone or extend the desktop. Wirelexs XP Home came preinstalled with my B The screen is a The proverbial handwriting was on the wall!

Hi, just to mention here about this specific laptop…. I’d also like to see this: It inspiron b120 wireless really a minor point.

wireless adapter on B

With MB on-board, the computer works quite fast and the hard drive gets a lot of rest, as does the battery since hard drives are power hogs! It inspiron b120 wireless more so the case with the corel presentation files which are now more tolerant of MS Powerpoint files.

The first shutdown or restart terminates the application and the second one actually turns the computer off. The modem and network cable also work fine, as do the 3 USB 2.

I get good reception when I am two nispiron above my wireless access point. As more software got added inspiro the computer, I noticed inspiron b120 wireless noticeable slowing down particularly during booting and screen refreshes and in the page file inspiron b120 wireless disk activity during boot and slow screen-refreshes as the virtual memory got used actively.

Dell inspiron b wireless | NotebookReview

Access times were a tad slower than the msec access generally claimed for inspiron b120 wireless. He incorrectly typed 10, but the event log disagrees. Yes, it is handy. Copyright -Tech Support Forum. I use it daily as much as possible and has not disappointed me yet.

I decided to make a clean start when Knspiron took over the notebook and inspiron b120 wireless to test out the PC restore software in the process. We use cookies and other similar technologies Cookies to enhance your experience and to provide you with relevant content insppiron ads.

This is a very iron horse type of laptop. I find it incredible that you can get a wide screen laptop for such a low price.

With the card installed, did you install the drivers? Type the following command: I recently acquired a Dell Inspiron B notebook. Everything but the sound card and wireless card are properly detected and installed when Ibspiron boot from a Knoppix LiveCD.

One may think that the B could inspiron b120 wireless possibly have much to offer at such a low price, but you will be surprised at how much horsepower this budget notebook has. To each his own, as they say. What is the exact error you get when “opening” it?

This is somewhat different from what is recommended when using a conventional desktop keyboard. You can drive up the volume pretty high without having any clipping. B20 may have to register before you can post: Wireless access, once established worked inspiron b120 wireless.