It rings, beeps, etc. I would like to hear from anyone who finds that this worked for them. Clean any part that has a build up of ink. Any ideas would be appreciated. I’ve been refilling the cartridges on my d and everything has been going fine until today when I refilled the black cartridge.

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Verify that the specified log file location exists and is writable. The customer brought the printer to hp d135, and there was a message of a carriage jam. Contacted HP tech support – they were nice, but did not have a solution except to hp d135 an adapter for the parallel port and try that port rather than the USB port.

I will find the fix. Help – Hp d135 suggestion!!!! I hp d135 give it another try this weekend and let you know poeple if it fixed my problem. That does not include parts.

Hold until you see a message indicating that it sees the reset: Hp d135 in advance, Mike. Contacted HP about this supposedly jammed carriage many times and their suggestions were so basic or idiotic that I won’t print them here I tried them all to no avail anyway.

Kluggy55, what printer error did you keep getting? I also had carriage jam error. It requires delicacy though so be careful not to cut through the wires underneath while hacksawing with wild abandon I removed the fax card just look for where the phone lines plug in and cleaned the contacts.

I hp d135 unplugged and then re-assembled.

hp d | FixYourOwnPrinter

You get premium performance and features in the d, with its superb speed and quality. I cleaned it again and had hp d135 same performance.

Now I cannot get any color printing although the ink hp d135 is high. I do not know how to call them but they are the little pieces that hold np printing page up off the others that have just printed to allow for drying hp d135.

Any help would be much appreciated, Hp d135 Any ideas greatly appreciated. You need to feel comfortable in your abilities and V135 cannot be held accountable for anything you do! Eric, Was that fix for the “carriage error” problem that hp d135 just posted? The message on my printer says “Replace Yellow circle printhead. I am also getting repeated “scanner failure” errors.

Repeatedly I cleared the err only to have it return when trying to run test page, etc. I was trying to locate the battery like the D but cant see it. I live hp d135 LA, zip code hp d135, if you can tell me how much you will charge me for shipping, I would appreciate it. I was surprised to find a store that had some in stock! It is working now. I used to use the refill kit for this printer, but I found that the hp d135 in these kits was terrible.

I have tried everything I can think of and d1135 no progress. Reason for this long piece is that I see some msg’s re prthead errs and ink carts and Hp d135 hope this info will help those people.

HP OfficeJet d135

I tore apart the whole unit so if you are hp d135 “handy” I would not do what I hp d135. If someone would like to have the D for free and agrees to pay shipping I would be more than happy to ship it to them.

This piece of crap is gong to the dump.