So let’s not repeat what we’ve already said in other reviews. Nothing unusual is found under the Power Management Menu. For those who are considering upgrading their system to the latest technology, the GA-PDS4 is a great choice as it offers a good balance of price and performance and not to mention that it will support future processor upgrade. The interface should come pretty familiar. The Gigabyte GA-PDS4 lacks the LED error code indicator like many of the enthusiasts motherboards which is quite unfortunate as it is somewhat expected to find it given to the price of this motherboard. Overclocking is always highly depended on various components and there is never a guarantee even with the same system configuration. Not only that GSATAII does not have the best burst speed, it also lags slightly with the average read compared to the other two chipsets.

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The board comes with six-phase switching voltage regulator, though not as much as other enthusiasts boards like i, it should offer plenty of overclocking potential.

However, all these are minor complaints to a well-designed, ga p35 ds4 motherboard.

Memory ratio set at 2. Privacy policy and Terms of Use.

In a nod to improving your working environment and increasing the longevity of the motherboard itself, the GA-PDS4 features a totally silent copper heatpipe based chipset and MOSFET thermal solution.

GIGABYTE, one of the most well-known IT brands ga p35 ds4 the ga p35 ds4, started as a motherboard technology research laboratory with the passion of a few young engineers two ds44 ago.

Gigabyte GA-PDS4 –

Virtually all the Intel P35 motherboards on store shelves have nearly identical features. It is good to see that despite the fact that the memory on the GA-PDS4 is running at 2T command rate rather than 1T that is with the i board, the performance is not being affected.

We ran 2MB and 4MB calculations. Ga p35 ds4 addition, we see four USB headers, ga p35 ds4 Firewire headers, and an IDE connector which has been rotated to 90 degrees from the motherboard. Both of the chipsets have been on the market for awhile now and they have matured and run stable with excellent features and performance.

Want to know why ga p35 ds4 Gigabyte GA-PDS4 has heatsinks mounted on the back, all solid aluminum capacitors and a few other component level tweaks? Nonetheless, the board provides plenty of options for anyone who wishes to tweak their system. If you have to struggle with a screwdriver to release an obscured PCIe slot lock and get the videocard out, you may end up with an electrical short or snapped component.

I was able to overclock the processor to 3. The metal plates will help to dissipate heat which may in turn provide a much higher overclocking. ga p35 ds4

Instead, let’s take a forward looking stance and ask ourselves why we cling to the parallel printer port? In fact, they have total of 13 motherboards when I ga p35 ds4 with Intel P35 chipset.

At first glance, I thought, something is missing. The interface should come pretty familiar. The motherboard comes with total of five fan headers: With gx to access PCIe locks like the ga p35 ds4 on the GA-PDS4, it doesn’t matter if the videocard has a large double-slot heatsink, access is unimpeded.

Gigabyte Technology GA-P35-DS4, LGA 775/Socket T, Intel (GA-P35-DS4 (rev. 2.0)) Motherboard

The heat pipe is made with copper and it spans across the Northbridge, Southbridge and CPU power components. What we love the most is the silent heat pipe which works efficiently keeping the chipsets running ga p35 ds4 while keeping the noise to absolutely silent.

Despite the fact that there are two X16 PCIE slot, only the primary slot supports 16 lanes while the secondary slot only supports 4 lanes. Join us as we take a closer look at this board and ga p35 ds4 it against the EVGA i motherboard. There is no memory timing setting. Even when the board is overclocked, the Gigabyte board still consumes less power than the i in both idle and load condition. Overclocking is always highly depended on various components and there is never a guarantee even with the same system configuration.

They came in various forms such as a tab or a lock and Gigabyte retention mechanism is slightly different. We can ga p35 ds4 that both boards have similar transfer speed. An increased FSB speeds up data communication between the processor and system bus. The motherboard is very ga p35 ds4 with all the components color-coded and labeled.

Here is an excerpt taken from their web site:.

The included four USB ports is a little on the shorter side and the lack of secondary Gigabit LAN ports is slightly disappointing as it is often found on other ga p35 ds4 priced motherboards. I believe that Ga p35 ds4 designs the motherboard to work with both 4-pin or 8-pin power connector as there is a cover which covers four of the eight pins.

Both boards are targeted toward the same users as they both packed with overclocking features and priced at similar range.